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Are you filing a lawsuit?

The Council’s decision to adopt an extreme plan that is a defacto ban on short term rentals raises many legal concerns.  Several letters from highly qualified attorneys, including the former City Attorney, emphatically state that what the Council adopted would run afoul of constitutional protections for private property rights.  We are assessing the situation and what actions to take, but suffice it to say, what the Council did is illegal.

What will the Coastal Commission do?

The California Coastal Commission has repeatedly weighed in on the short term rental issue in San Diego. Short-term rentals provide low-cost accommodations to thousands of visitors to the San Diego coast, and the Commission will have to approve the ordinance because it includes the city’s coastal zone.

We’ve seen the Coastal Commission reverse a ban in Carlsbad and support a 100-day maximum in Del Mar. However, the City of Del Mar is now suing the Coastal Commission over that decision because it feels 100 days is still not restrictive enough. We also know that the Coastal Commission typically weighs in within six to 12 months, which means that it might be too late to pivot to any other action if we rely solely on this strategy since the ordinance is slated to take effect in July of 2019.

We cannot sit idly and wait for some other entity to swoop in and save the day for us. For many of us, our livelihoods are on the line and we risk losing our ability to short-term rent our properties forever. We must act now and we need your help.

How will the ballot initiative (referendum) work and what are the steps?

A referendum to overturn the Council’s extremist plan has commenced.  We will have 30 days to collect the signatures of 5% of the City’s voters.  It is a high bar and will require a lot of effort.  In order to complete this task, supporters of short term rentals should seek out signature gatherers to make sure their voices are heard.  They should also ask their family and friends, anyone who is a registered voter in the City of San Diego, to sign the petition so the voters have a chance to have their voice heard on this important issue.

What else can I do?

Please reach out to your politicians, and also consider making a donation to Share San Diego. Share San Diego is funding the referendum efforts and any potential future legal efforts in the fight to keep short-term rentals legal and fairly regulated in the City of San Diego.

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