Short Term Rental Alliance of San Diego

We are a group of regular people living in the City of San Diego utilizing home-sharing sites such as AirBNB, VRBO, and many others list private rooms, couches, or our entire homes online to share with other people when they come to town.

Our alliance was established in January 2015 to lobby our local politicians in the City of San Diego to create beneficial, meaningful, and clear regulations for home-sharing & short term rentals, as none currently exist within San Diego municipal codes. Read more about why we came into existence here.

We have established our website to provide information to other hosts, city politicians, our neighbors, and the public about home sharing and short term rentals, the benefits they bring to San Diego, current regulations that affect hosts, and proposed changes to municipal and tax laws.


Savings Renting A Private Room via Home Sharing vs Hotel


Savings Renting A Home via Home-Sharing vs Hotel Room

Get Involved & Take Action

We need you to voice your support at an upcoming hearing of the Smart Growth & Land Use Committee on March 24, 2017. You can also share your voice online to help us tell City Council why you support sensible regulation that allows you to continue using your property to earn extra income.

We know that the vast majority of hosts and renters are responsible and respectful, and we think that problems can be addressed through better enforcement.

We are in the final stretch now, and what comes out of the hearings March 24th and later in the spring are going to have a major impact on whether we’ll continue to be able to benefit from the sharing economy. Please take the time to weigh in!


Friday, March 24
Doors open at 9 a.m.
Hearing starts at 10:00 a.m.

Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation
404 Euclid Ave.
San Diego 92114

Parking is free but somewhat limited; carpool if possible or ride your bike. The Jacobs Center is also located on the MTS Trolley’s Orange Line. We anticipate the committee taking a break for lunch and as such we will provide a snack bag and drink for all who RSVP.

Common Questions

A short-term rental is defined by the City of San Diego as any living space that is rented for less than 30 days. This includes hotels, motels, commercial bed & breakfasts, extended-stay inns, etc.

Individuals who list all or a portion of their home on a home sharing service, and host someone for less than 30 days also fall into this category.

Hosts are individuals who choose to list all or a portion of their home as available to share with another individual. For most of our members, they list their homes on online services such as AirBNB, VRBO, etc. to connect with individuals looking for a place to stay in San Diego with a more intimate connection with locals. Guests utilize home sharing to get a better feel for our town, find the “hidden gems” that locals cherish (such as good restaurants, activities, etc.), and also mitigate the financial burden of staying at a traditional hotel/motel.

Anyone! Guests come from around the world, which is part of what makes becoming a host so rewarding. Guests coming to town for vacation, work, or to audition neighborhoods before moving to San Diego will log onto websites such as AirBNB or VRBO to find a place to stay.

Guests are typically looking for a “local, intimate” experience that corporate, commercial hotels can’t provide – they want to meet new people, make new friends, experience the best our city has to offer, and also mitigate the financial burden that staying with a commercial, corporate hotel/motel would entail.

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